About Us

Hope Sydney is an association of dedicated people from many different backgrounds living in Sydney.

We believe in God and experience that he is real, personal, loving and fair.  He may be discovered through receiving Jesus.  We believe in the importance and value of worshipping God together. We believe everyone has both a natural and higher calling and that this includes becoming a godly leader in some area.  We believe there is positive hope for the future and the opportunity to lead a joyful and fulfilling life in the present!

"His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life...."   (1 Peter 1:3 ; NIV)

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a vibrant and loving church, operating spiritual gifts and connecting people to God.

Our Mission is to transform ordinary people into godly leaders.

1. empowered by the Holy Spirit,

2. equipped with a working knowledge of the Bible, and

3. aware of the concerns, values and needs of contemporary society.


Hope Sydney has a board of directors for governance and leadership teams for operations.

John Rhodes,
M.Th. (Alphacrucis),
D.Min. (in progress)
Assistant Pastor
Kent Hemninrat,
Dip.Min. (Alphacrucis)

Financial Support

Hope Sydney is an incorprated association of the NSW Dept. of Fair Trading and a member of Australian Christian Churches (previously Assemblies of God in Australia).

Hope Sydney is a faith based organisation and relies on offerings and donations from members and friends.  Thankyou to all our supporters!  Donations may be made to the following account - 

Account Name:  Hope Sydney Christian Church Inc
BSB 06 2247   Account No. 1001 3626
(Commonwealth Bank)